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Branching in Mercurial

Hey all. It’s been a while. After many years using revision control systems with the merge or lock models, I started using Mercurial a while back. I’ve used it a bit before, but mostly have been using SVN and TFS lately for my personal and professional projects. SVN and TFS each have their own problems. You can find things that one is good at and the other isn’t, but this post isn’t really about that. One day I may make a long write up about how flawed each of these revision control systems are. Not today.

The main thing here is that merging is often seen as a hell-ish operation, and distributed version control systems seems to make the task much easier. That being said, when working with Mercurial, I was using hg clone to make a copy of the repository and push/pull changes, instead of branching, which seems logical given the way Mercurial works. While, this works, it’s not the best way to create a branch. Now that I’ve realized this mistake, I found a good article that goes through the options in a bit more detail:

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