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Visual Studio Helpers: VS Plugins Edition

I wanted to write in here with some of my favorite Visual Studio Tools, that I find useful in my every day work.


VSFileFinder has a very simple concept: You have a lot of files, but it takes a while to navigate for which project they’re in.  Not so with VSFileFinder.  This helpful tool allows you to type a few letters of a file or even use wildcards in your search and helps you find the files you’re looking for.  The premise is simple, but this tool definitely meshes well with my workflow.

CppDoc Comment Maker

CppDoc comment maker gives you an easy to fill out template for generating a new comment that conforms to the JavaDoc standard.  Again, there isn’t much to say here, other than it streamlines the workflow making this process easier.  I will admit, I haven’t used this one as much lately, since I discovered Visual Assist X (below).

Visual Assist X

Visual Assist X is really a lifesaver, especially if you do a lot of C++ work.  It has an incredible amount of features, including syntax highlighting, improved intellisense and refactoring.  The syntax highlighting in Visual Assist X is more intuitive and easier to follow than the default in Visual Studio.  The intellisense performs better, and actually seems to do more than Visual Studio Intellisense typically does.  I find it’s less prone to getting “confused”.  Finally, the refactoring is a godsend.  Refactoring tools in C++ are almost non-existent.  So, while Visual Assist X doesn’t provide as many refactoring capabilities as you get in Java IDEs, it does a good job.  Furthermore, you can edit and configure the snippets, to further customize your refactoring.  For this reason, I actually don’t use CppDoc Comment Maker so much, because I can use Visual Assist X to generate a CppDoc-style comment once I edit the template.  At a later date, I plan to share some of my useful Visual Assist X snippets that I use.

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