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First Post Using Dvorak Keyboard

Hello everyone. This is my first post using the Dvorak keyboard layout. If you’re not familiar with Dvorak, it’s an alternate layout which has a different order of keys for efficiency purposes.

The normal QWERTY keyboard layout was developed at a time when very limited typewriters were the norm. Typing too fast risked damaging the typewriter, so the keys were oriented so that the most used keys were all on the left side of the keyboard. This was done to ultimately limit typing speed.

What Dvorak does is reorient the keys so the most used keys are near the center and split at a much more reasonable ratio. This results in typing a lot more with the right hand (Most people are righties) and faster typing speeds, due to better distribution.

I’ve been trying it out this week and so far the results are positive. I normally type around 100 wpm. While my speed has been nowhere near that so far, it is steadily climbing every day. I can see myself topping that in a few weeks, as long as I keep at it.

As far as using Dvorak, you don’t need a special keyboard to use it. You can just choose a different layout in your operating system. On Windows, you can change this in control panel -> Keyboards and Languages -> Change keyboards. Then go to add, expand your language and choose the appropriate Dvorak layout.

One final useful tip is to keep the On-Screen Keyboard visible while you’re learning. On Windows, you can find this in All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease of Access -> On-Screen Keyboard.

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