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Hello all. I know it’s been a long hiatus. Other projects and interests got in the way, but I’m ready to pick the blog back up, dust it off.

So, the first thing you might wonder if what I’ve been up to. I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new site It’s a Software training site that I have developed and just launched. The first course is up and is a complete course on the C++ STL library, focusing on STL containers. It has lessons and exercises. I intend to create a part II of this course if there is interest. I’m also open to suggestions on other courses, including C++ and otherwise.

As far as the site itself, I’m pleased to offer a $5 OFF discount code. If you use the code “Launch” at checkout, you’ll receive this discount. The code is valid until the end of the year.

Now, that being said, I’m happy to continue offering free content on this site and to continue blogging. I have a list of ideas for new blog posts. But, what are you guys interested in?

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